About Us

Jîyan is a non-profit, non-political, non-religious, independent, autonomous
and the first Kurdish and Portuguese Cultural Association that mainly aims
to organise cultural events and film & arts festivals in Lisbon and Portugal.
Jîyan supports multiculturalism, gender equality, perceives the defense,
dissemination and preservation of the Kurdish Culture and Heritage as of the
utmost importance. One of its main goals is to support artists from any genre
such as film directors, script writers, painters, photographers, authors and
poets that face several challenges at distributing and disseminating their body
of works, in both the international and national artistic scene. 
Our organisational set up is inspired by and based on the democratic federalism
where it promotes total equality between genders and hence why every chair
is occupied and shared by a man and a women.
The association co-chairs both welcomes you warmly …
We would like to take this opportunity to thank every single one that have
been helping and supporting in developing this festival whether with
participating in initial brain storming ideas, designing the various logos,
registration forms, social media and web design, researching for films,
bringing ideas to the programming, translation works and writing the project.
We really hope that we haven’t forgotten anyone so please forgive us.​
Thanks for your ongoing support …